17 thoughts on “Contato

  1. Hello! My account on Ig is fabulousfashion101! I’d love to have your account! I’m so passionate about fashion and would really enjoy taking over your account! It would mean the world to me because I would love to have an account like yours!

    Mary Kate. Kik:fabulousfashion101

  2. dear fox couture ;),
    i saw a lovely silver bracelet on instagram commented by a hashtag from foxcouture. could you please help me to find it ?

    best wishes, johanna

    1. Hi sweetheart! Try to contact Samylle! If you have instagram, follow @samylle_nosf and she will help you because her (amazing) brand has a lot of pretty dresses for prom!

  3. Hi
    I love so much the wedding dress who you have IN instagram please give me the name of créateur or shop where find it please!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!
    Excuse my english i’m french bisous

  4. Hello,

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